Your Friendly Neighbourhood Internet Agency πŸ’Ž

Who We Are πŸš€

We are a startup boutique internet company from Sri Lanka focused on creating compelling digital experiences.

Our company was established in order to cover 360Β° of a business's digital presence from innovative software products to result-driven inbound marketing solutions. We also assist in pushing SMEs forward by providing efficient technology and strategies where they can win the global market with less knowledge on tech.

Founded in November 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, with a young, passionate team of 4 members, we have been able to work with multiple industry verticles from Education, Pharmaceutical, Human resources, and Information & Communication Technology.

Our CEO, Newan Vinthusa Featured in Ceylon Today. Read more about our story here.

Our Mission 🚩

Introducing Sri Lankan digital talent to the world, Code94 Labs aims to become not a service provider, but a partner in digital transformation.

Our Vision πŸ‘€

Inspired by closing the gap of technology within diverse markets & industries, to help them go global with Code94 Labs.

Core ValuesπŸ’Ž

Why work with us? βš‘


We adjust for you!



There are no borders!



We give life to dreams!



Out of this world!


The Team ⚑

Newan Vinthusa


Ruvik Perera

Chief Technology Wizard

Thisuni Gunawardena

Lead UI/UX Wizard

Sandinu Pinnawala

Lead Design Wizard

Zaid Abdullah

Design Wizard

Lahiru Yasintha

Junior WordPress Developers

Chathura Janith

WordPress Developer

Piyumiji Dangalla

Junior HR & Project Manager

Vihanga Anushka

Social Media Executive

Miladi Tharushika

Assorciate UI/UX Designer

Turjo Chowdhury

Intern Full-stack Developer

Dasitha Tharinda

Intern Full-stack Developer

Shiara Gunasekara

Intern Social Media Executive

Anup Kumar

Intern Creative Designer

Interested in joining our team? βš‘

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