Ceylon Exchange Mentoring

Ceylon Exchange Mentoring (Pvt) Ltd is an enterprise that focuses on providing knowledge regarding the capital market investment scheme in Sri Lanka. Apart from being the news source for the stock market and economy of Sri Lanka, this enterprise provides courses ranging between foundational and advanced levels to mentor and educate people.

Functionalities Expected

  • Dynamically update and display local and international news items

  • An option to listen to news articles through the website

  • Add and showcase articles on the stock market and update them dynamically

  • Display a wide range of courses with the ability for students to register for it

  • Integrate the ability for anyone to contact Ceylon Exchange Mentoring if required through the website itself

  • Showcase student testimonials to built trust within the audience

  • Ability to display advertisements of their sponsors

  • Optimize the user interface for mobile devices

Challenges Faced

  • Revamping the existing design in order to fit the brand’s current unique identity

  • Migrate and alter the content from the previous website in order to integrate it to the new website

  • Implementing the website in both English and Sinhala

  • Creating a visual interface that builds trust within the audience since its a prominent information source for market and economic news

  • Integrating an audio section in each news article where Ceylon Exchange Mentoring can upload the verbal presentation of them

Our Solution

A dynamic website was developed with an authentic User Interface Design in order to position the brand Ceylon Exchange Mentoring as a trusted source for stock market and economic news as well as a prominent educational platform catering to stock market related courses. Each news article page was designed to be easily readable along with the accessible feature to listen to the news in audio format. The responsiveness of the website was maintained throughout for every device and the ability to switch the language effortlessly was integrated.

Client Review

"Excellent and effective, we are happy to have come across Newan and the team. They've got a great eye for UI/UX and an impeccable attention to detail as well. Was a significant upgrade from our previous work. Godspeed to Newan and the team!"

Rahul Nimesh

Co-founder/CEO of Ceylon Exchange Mentoring

Teran Subasinghe Portfolio

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