Gennext is one of the leading digital transformation companies in Sri Lanka which provides cutting-edge technology to small, midsize, and enterprise businesses. Since 2012, Gennext has managed to provide rapidly evolving solutions that are tailor-made with enterprise-class products such as Dell|EMC, HP, Microsoft, VMWare, Juniper, Checkpoint, SysAid, MintHRM, Centerm, and GennextCare. After 9 years of serving over 500 large enterprises and mid-sized organizations, Gennext has become one of the leading digital transformation companies that is known island-wide.

Functionalities Expected

  • To display all the services and IT solutions that are provided by Gennext.

  • A customized chatbot that would be tailored to the clients’ needs.

  • Display newly updated products and services to potential clients in an effective manner.

  • To update and display career details and job opportunities that are available in the company.

  • Have a method for any potential clients to contact the company through the website.

  • To provide news and events updates to the public easily.

  • Update and display all client details and employee testimonials in one place.

Challenges Faced

  • Limited time frame to understand client requirements and develop the website.

  • Developing a localized website that matches the high standard of the company.

  • Developing an admin panel catered to the client’s needs

  • Showcasing a variety of products and services in an effective manner

  • Implementing a customized chatbot that enables the clients to explore the products and services which are catered to them.

  • Displaying a diverse client list and testimonials in an effective manner which gives credibility to the company.

  • Enabling their digital presence with an SEO strategy

Our Solution

As this website is the first step of Gennext’s marketing strategy, we developed a fully dynamically updated website that gives the company a strong digital presence. The previous website of Gennext did not showcase the brand’s true potential, therefore we took this challenge to create a visually appealing and localized website that gives the credibility the company needed. A customized chatbot was integrated to allow the website visitor to select their profession and get a tailored list of services that Gennext offers. A fully customized admin panel was developed such that the CMO, HR Admins and editors can concurrently update the website. Any potential clients who would be interested to partner up with Gennext for a new project, can contact the company through the website itself.

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