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Human Resource Management Support is a unique business entity that provides a full range of tailored and designed services regarding consultancy, coaching, and training for an organization to produce the right knowledge, skill and attitude. They are on a mission to solve the people problem of organizations which can make or break the growth of the business. The team led by its’ founder is a set of talented individuals who are well experienced in the HR management industry

Functionalities Expected

  • For all clients to get a basic understanding of the services the business offers

  • To provide all information related to the business in a simple and minimalistic manner.

  • The ability to contact the business through the website itself for any doubts or questions.

  • The ability to contact the business through the website itself for any doubts or questions.

  • To provide a method for clients to schedule a consulting session with the business.

Challenges Faced

  • Provide credibility to the business with the use of a website.

  • An HR business would mostly run physically but with the current situation, the business would have to be completely digitized.

  • Integrating an online booking system to smooth the process of scheduling one on one consulting session

  • The website must be easy to navigate through for potential clients to get an idea of all the services provided

Our Solution

A fully functional website was developed which would allow any potential customer to get an idea about all the services that are provided by the business easily. The customers can schedule a consulting session easily through the website itself with the use of an online booking system that is integrated with the website.

Client Review

“It is simply amazing and a pleasure to get an attractive work done by a very young team like Code94 Labs. The most received comment for my website is "Attractive". I wish you all a very successful journey ahead!”

Mrs. Eranga Samarawickrama

The Founder, HR Consultant & Corporate Trainer HRM Support

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