Supreme supercar

Supreme Supercar is a Luxury car rental provider based in Dubai. They provide a unique fleet of luxury cars from high-end latest models to sedans and SUVs from some of the world’s top luxury car manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz

Functionalities Expected

  • To display all luxury cars that are available to rent

  • Display detailed information about each car and the process which they can be rented

  • For the user to be able to book a car through the website itself

  • Integration of WhatsApp to talk to an agent about renting a car

  • A booking form to retrieve all the details about the user and the renting period

  • Send the user’s live location to get the vehicle delivered to them

  • Display detailed information about the renting process for the user’s convenience

  • The ability to report lost items or items found within the rented car

Challenges Faced

  • Integrating the booking form to get detailed information from the user

  • Integrating a booking form to each vehicle

  • Developing the website within a tight deadline

  • Implementing the process of the lost and found section

  • A design that can stand out from the rest of the similar platforms available in Dubai

  • Custom WhatsApp API integrations for communication

  • Designing & Developing a complex booking form

Our Solution

As a solution, we developed a website that stands out from the similar platforms that are available in Dubai. We made sure to create a design that has a standard that matches the luxury cars and the services they offer. With the integration of WhatsApp API we provided a smooth communication process between the client and their potential customers. Furthermore, we developed custom booking forms that are secure with the use of pure PHP

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