Portfolio - Teran Subasinghe

Mr. Teran Subasinghe is an entrepreneur and a lecturer who has been in the field of IT since 2009. He has educated thousands of students and also established 2 platforms, itguru.lk and LiveCollege that cater to the field of IT Education. Mr. Teran Subasinghe’s main aim is to have a web solution that showcases all the details regarding his work and professional career.

Functionalities Expected

  • Ability to endorse Mr. Teran Subasinghe through LinkedIn

  • Showcasing the multidisciplinary professional history

  • Establishing trust with the audience by displaying the growth of his brand along with his students

  • Display the 2 main platforms, ituguru.lk and LiveCollege that are owned by Mr. Teran Subasinghe

  • Ability to contact through the website for any project inquiries

Challenges Faced

  • Completing the project within a short time period

  • Creating a design that showcases the brand that Mr. Teran Subasinghe has established in the industry

  • Develop the website targeting the international audience as well

  • Building a trust with the audience about Mr. Teran Subasinghe’s achievements and capabilities

Our Solution

We created a web solution that showcases the standard that Mr. Teran Subasinghe has established in the industry. To display the professional history and the growth of his work, we used a simple design integrating the brand’s identity as well. Trust is an important factor in the field therefore, we ensured to build it with the audience by showcasing testimonials, past work, and accomplishments by Mr. Teran Subasinghe.

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